Sports and Gym facilities at JKB School

Education is an important aspect of our lives- True but the question that we really need to ask ourselves is whether this is it? Isn’t good health including both mental and physical necessary for us?

Once we really sit and introspect on these things, we realize that sports and exercise play an equally important role in our lives. With time, we have been neglecting this important side of our lives solely focusing on our studies. However, physical activities remain a necessary part which should be taken seriously as it not only helps us to build stamina, boosts metabolism, keeps us sturdy and fit and builds our concentration power.
Thus, JK Business School- Best PGDM College in Gurugram encourages the students to participate in various sports activities to maintain their physical health. Special arrangements for activities like cricket, football, basket ball, badminton, golf and other indoor games have been made. In fact, we have a well-equipped sports building in which a hall has been provided for multi-purpose activities such as Yoga, weight-lifting, indoor games such as carom board, chess, table-tennis etc.

The students and faculty are allowed to use these activities in the morning from 5.30 am to 8 am and in the evening from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm. This is not it; Inter-college tournaments are conducted annually in indoor as well as outdoor games for which the sports equipment are also issued to students.

The building of top business College in Gurugram is well maintained and fully equipped to meet the needs of students and is encouraged to use the facilities so that they inculcate the habit of exercising regularly.


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