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The Significance of GDPI’s in Today’s Scenario

The Significance of GDPI’s in Today’s Scenario The idea behind conducting GDPIs is to build a secure communication between the corporate world and candidates...   Read More

The 19th World Festival of Youth

The 19th World Festival of Youth – An Event Way Beyond Just Personal Experiences The event was undoubtedly a gala one and being a...   Read More

Imperative Managerial Skills You Already Possess

It is important that you know your strengths and weaknesses before taking up any leadership position. Many people want to be Managers but what...   Read More

4 Reasons to Say ‘Yes’ to Masters in Business Administration

We make decisions every day, don’t we? Some easy, some difficult. However, when it comes to those decisions which have huge ramifications in future,...   Read More

Key Qualities of a Successful HR Manager

Serving as a link between an organization’s management and its employees, Human Resource Managers play an equally vital role in an organization. They are...   Read More

Master the Art of Constructive Criticism to be better Managers

In order to witness the organizational as well as professional growth, it is important that constructive criticism is given to the team members that...   Read More

JK Business School Introduces New Logo

JK Business School gladly unveils its new logo with fresh feel and look. It clearly captures the spirit of optimism and enthusiasm with which we...   Read More

Introducing new logo of JK Business School

JK Business School gladly unveils its new logo with fresh feel and look. It clearly captures the spirit of optimism and enthusiasm with which...   Read More

4 Qualities Your Dream Business School Should Have

If your questions pertaining “Why PGDM?” have resolved, then it is time for you to move on to the next step of planning about...   Read More

The Benefits of Alumni Networks

A PGDM is a very valuable course that opens up your mind and prepares you for the upcoming challenges in business. Apart from the...   Read More

Celebrating Teachers’ Day with JK Business School

On this day that is dedicated to all the Teachers, JK Business School gives heartfelt wishes to all the Teachers out there. You are...   Read More

What do companies expect from MBA graduates?

Every recruiter that comes to hire employees for their company always has certain expectations in mind from students. Apart from the domain knowledge for...   Read More

What should you expect from a Business School?

Students often ponder over the reasons why they should take up such a course that teaches them about Business when it is a thing...   Read More

How JK Business School helps in creating the best workplace?

A workplace is said to be a physical location where someone works for his or her living, i.e. a place of employment. Creating a...   Read More

JKBS recently signed MOU with ACCA to support as a Knowledge Partner on 21st August 2017

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How To Select A Business School Without Visiting Its Campus

Selecting the Best B School is one of the most crucial decisions that one needs to take in their lifetime. And the agony adds...   Read More

Paving path to your success with Best B Schools

Success in any stream requires dedicated and persistent efforts. From student’s willingness to hard work followed by encouragement from peers including family members, teachers,...   Read More

5 interesting facts to know about Independent India

India’s Independence Day- observed on August 15th every year holds an impeccable history within itself. With everybody set to celebrate 71st Independence Day of...   Read More

Are Business School Rankings reliable?

A Business School’s ranking depends on multiple factors. There are different approaches adopted by various publications in judging the top Business Schools ranging from...   Read More

Top B School of Gurgaon offers Education for better Judgement

Entrepreneurship stands synonymous to dealing with the practical world and making tough choices for your business. A profitable investment, long-term planning, and allocation of...   Read More

Do Entrepreneurs Need Business School?

A college plays a vital role in shaping the skills of a person. When we talk about Entrepreneurs particularly those who are looking forward...   Read More

Spreading the message of “Education for all” this Raksha Bandhan

India is the land of festivities. With its diverse cultures standing together in one place, it is indeed with pride we celebrate all the...   Read More

Yoga Session at the top business school with Prof. Ajay Mehta

With the increasing competition and our focus shifting more towards working on financial and career goals, we tend to ignore the primary aspect associated...   Read More

A step towards environment protection “Green Drive” by JK Business School

Growth- a highly subjective term, which has its meaning changing from person to person and time to time but the real question that arises...   Read More

Top 5 key skills an Entrepreneur must have

How tough this world is becoming with cut-throat competition, constant pressure to come up with something new, innumerable competitors, balancing the supply and demand,...   Read More

PGDM Course Curriculum at JK Business School

The two-year Post Graduation Diploma Course (PGDM) at JK Business School is divided into 6 trimesters of 3 terms each year. The course at...   Read More

Sports and Gym facilities at JKB School

Education is an important aspect of our lives- True but the question that we really need to ask ourselves is whether this is it?...   Read More

Why “Dance at Work” is an important aspect of any work culture?

Monotonous days, piles of dossiers forming a palace of their own, sleep-driven schedule, and absolutely nothing to break this tedious routine- How do you...   Read More

Sayonara PGDM 2015-17 at JK Business School

As the happiness sprouts with new batches coming up, there is a sense of nostalgia hitting us at the same time as we have...   Read More

Welcome PGDM Batch 2017-19

After getting done with the admission procedures, it is the time when JK Business School warmly welcomes all their PGDM students for the batch...   Read More

Practical learning through Industrial Visits at JK Business School

We all are aware that practical wisdom distinguishes from the world of theory. The theoretical knowledge can only be applied to an extent post...   Read More

Best Infrastructure for the students at JKBS

Quality education definitely stands at the top position in growth of the students but there are various other factors that have an influence in...   Read More

Final chance to apply for 2017 PGDM | BBA | B.Com (Honors) Batch

The clock’s ticking for you to gain the last opportunity to join Asia’s Top Industry Anchored- JK Business School. The college offers its students...   Read More

GST and its impact on Financial Services

GST, as we all know, is an indirect tax throughout India to replace taxes levied by the central and state governments. With GST becoming effective...   Read More


First thing first, PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management and MBA for Management in Business Administration. People often get confused between the...   Read More

Placement Report of JK Business School of 3 batches

JK Business School has really maintained its position of being favorite of recruitment companies in all these successive batches. The placement reports of the...   Read More

Importance of Infrastructure- JK Business School

Infrastructure of college holds very much importance especially when it comes to providing various facilities to the students for education and health purposes. College...   Read More

GD/PI Schedule for 2017 Admissions

It is that crucial time of the year when all the students rigrously start applying in the colleges for further studies. The Group Discussion...   Read More

Faculty Development Programme held at JK Business School

Growth of an institution is best determined by the progress of its students and also teachers. Besides education, energetic partaking in co-curricular events brings...   Read More

What are the various committees at JK Business School

Co-curricular activities are as important for the growth of a student as is education. It helps in shaping the overall personality of a student....   Read More

Knowledge Center at JK Business School

A college library is a student’s lifeline and a hub of campus life. It is that place that expands your learning experience, helps you...   Read More

Summer Internship Programme 2017

As easy as it may seem to climb the stairs of success but every step requires hard work and perspiration that unlocks the road...   Read More

Happening event conducted at JK Business School- JKBrations’17

JK Business School conducted its yet another vibrant, lively, colorful and cheerful extravaganza JKBrations’17 on 8th April which showed lots of enthusiasm from both...   Read More

JK Business School- A place where you can give wings to your mother’s dreams

Mother’s day, which falls on Second Sunday of every year (i.e. 14th May of this year) is a is a celebration honoring the mother...   Read More

JK Business School and CEGR Faculty Development Programme

JK Business School is immensely popular for the excellence studies and top faculty panel. Now, taking a step further, JK Business School and CEGR...   Read More

Placement opportunities at Gurugram’s best Business School- JK Business School

JK Business School is one of the top MBA colleges of Delhi which follows high valued learning process through vigorous practical applications and balance....   Read More

Exposure for students in the Best B School of Gurugram

Education plays a key role in shaping a person’s intellectual, personal as well as professional aspects. The basis of education is not solely dependent...   Read More

What Points Mark Out Excellence at Best MBA College Gurugram?

This question may be asked again and again and many times over. What is the best MBA College Gurgram and why? There are always...   Read More

Things that Faculty and Students Delight in at Best MBA College in NCR

For the students and faculty joining the Best MBA College in NCR there has always been an air of pride, and privilege being in...   Read More

3 Reasons to Build Best Career at Top MBA College in Gurugram

It is always mentioned that the career and the nature of pursuit for it in terms of best training and education go a long...   Read More

The skill set you acquire after studying at the top B school in Delhi

The basic motive for a student to join any B school is to acquire the capabilities and shape the passion to be able to...   Read More

How Top MBA College in Gurugram Makes Future Business Leaders?

For students coming to the best business school in Gurugram there is always a turning point feeling of being on the verge of accomplishment...   Read More

Practical Parameters for Ranking at Best MBA College in Delhi

All colleges of repute always strive to create the right and positive image that reflects their values and expertise especially when it comes to...   Read More

Study in Confidence and Excellence with Top MBA College in Delhi

These days, there seems to be an unending competition among the academic institutions to grab the attention as well as accolades that come with...   Read More

Things that Mould Secure and Professional Careers at Best MBA College in Delhi

In an environment filled and littered with as many inspiring education professionals it is not that hard to find the true ground and passion....   Read More

Activities Inspiring Great Careers at Top MBA College in Gurugram

Careers aren’t just an acquisition of affirming certificates that endorse the competence of the concerned holder as qualified and certified to practice in a...   Read More

6 Factual Points of Why to Choose Top MBA College in Gurugram

Deciding on the best evolved and well equipped Business and Management College is often down to research and understanding of their reputation in the...   Read More

5 Reasons Top MBA College in Gurugram Excels in Business Education

To get admissions in a great college takes passion and excellence in studies by getting the basic or minimum required grades and standards at...   Read More

Academic Inputs Shaping Better Success at Best B School in India

It is already a known fact that great curriculum’s are true foundations to a lasting academic success. However, curriculum’s by themselves may just yield...   Read More

Why it’s Crucial to Pick Best B School in India for Better Learning & Future?

With the successful release and declaration of the latest results of CAT 2016 results, students aspiring to join the best business school in India...   Read More

Why Good Preparation and Studies at Best B School in Delhi Empower Your Future?

The perfect launch pad to a golden future filled with great prospects begins with good preparation, strategic studies and presentation of one’s academic accomplishments....   Read More

How to Give Your Future Bright Prospects with Top MBA College in Delhi

As the New Year starts there are ample opportunities for students and those aspiring to make it to the   best Business School in Gurugram....   Read More

Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility at Best B School in Delhi

Business and management leaders today fully appreciate the value of any corporate social responsibility plan or undertaking on an organization. At the top MBA...   Read More

What Does it Really Take to Secure Admissions to the Best B Schools in Delhi?

The academic admissions session for 2016-2017 at the best B school in India is already on. And for so many youngsters across the country...   Read More

How Beautiful Academic Nostalgia Creates Fond Memories at the Top MBA College in Delhi

As the year 2016 comes to an end, like all well equally illustrious years gone by at best business school India there will be...   Read More

Are Educational Awards and Rankings Important for the Top MBA College in Delhi?

Awards and rankings are like motivational recognition that provokes awardees to strive even for greater heights in their chosen area of specialization. The recognition...   Read More

How Learning Systems at the Best MBA College in NCR Inspire Students on Career Responsibility

Business and management education is an aspiration many youngsters in India and globally wish and cherish to have at the best prestigious institutions in...   Read More

The Practical Importance of Campus Placements in Empowering Graduates at JKBS

Campus placements at the best B school in India and in the life of any student / graduate are very defining moments that students...   Read More

Contributing to Better Education with Innovative Curriculum at JKBS

For some prominent business and management institutions across the country setting strong foundation in relevant teaching and mentoring tactics has always been a basic...   Read More

Lessons from the Fiscal Steps of Demonetization for the Best B School in India

As the winter season drags on to a mixed range of emotions and feelings for all people in all walks of life with regard...   Read More

Important Educational / Academic Factors that Lay Ground for the Best Business School in Gurugram

It may be common to identify, classify and crown the best business school India as that helps to make out the basic and important...   Read More

Guest Lecture Points on Performance Management System at JK Business School

Guest lectures are usually done to empower and bring new important perspectives on a subject matter that affects an industry to any attentive target...   Read More

JKBS offers its students vital International exposure through an experience packed trip to Singapore.

JK Business School believes in creating management professionals and future leaders who are ready for the challenges of the global market. That’s why it...   Read More

JKBS students return from ‘Tomorrow’s India’ conference in Singapore; enriched, inspired and invigorated.

Seven JKBS students had an experience of a lifetime being part of a truly international conference, ‘Tomorrow’s India’ held between 24th and 26th January....   Read More

Kapil Jain discusses how JKBS helped harness his potential and about his placement with XL Dynamics.

It was a day of great pride for Kapil Jain when he joined JK Business School and became a part of the rich academic...   Read More

Safety of girls is first priority in college campuses

Safety of girls is a top priority at every college campus. Nowadays, safe and supportive campus community is both an obligation and a challenge...   Read More

JKBS announces admissions for the PGDM 2016-18 batch

JK Business School (JKBS), Gurgaon has opened admissions for its AICTE approved PGDM program for the year 2016. Interested candidates can fill in the...   Read More

2014 Gold medalist, Neha Deora, shares how JKBS is poised to go to the next level

“This is the best time to join JKBS because it is going through an important phase of restructuring. There is a lot of scope...   Read More

JKBS holds its Convocation ceremony for 2014 and 2015 graduating batch in the presence of leading lights from the Industry and Academia

JK Business School (JKBS) organized its Convocation ceremony for the PGDM Batch of 2013-15 and 2012-14 on the 5th of September 2015. Since JKBS decided to advance...   Read More

Farooque Azam talks about how his SIP will serve as a stepping stone towards a successful corporate career

“The Summer Internship Program is a crucial part for building a student’s practical knowledge and sharpening his/her skills and talent. Today, the corporate world...   Read More

Digvijay Singh Rathore (PGDM 2016) shares his expectations from a marketing internship with

“Summer internships offer management students practical exposure to working in a corporate environment. We get an opportunity to work with experts and learn a...   Read More

Industry focused Education: Creating Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs

Education is the base for economic growth as well as social transformation for any nation.  The education system in India is much new improved...   Read More

Monika Sharma talks about realizing her dream of going to the U.S. thanks to the CSUMB program; her goal is to use this experience to her advantage

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the campus of JKBS, a premier management institute in the country. That’s because the B...   Read More

Jaspreet Kaur considers how her stint at CSUMB can impact her career.

JKBS, a leading B School based out of Gurgaon, recently opened ties with California State University, Monterey Bay, and the benefits of this connection...   Read More

JKBS student to travel to California University – thanks to Govind Hari Singhania Global Leadership Award.

While there are B Schools that talk about offering their students a global education, there are some that truly offer that experience to future...   Read More

Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, Director, JKBS talks about his B School’s new initiatives for its students’ benefit.

How does a B School go from its nascent stages to being ranked as one of the top management institutes in the country within...   Read More

Kapil Jain discusses how his summer internship can help him work towards his goal of a career in finance.

Kapil Jain, from Rajasthan, has always had a keen interest in Finance. That’s the reason he came to JKBS after his B.Com, where he...   Read More

First year student Jaspreet Kaur tells us why her SIP is ideal for her passion to study Finance.

Jaspreet Kaur has always wanted to make a career in Finance. This is due to her desire to influence more people in the corporate...   Read More

The one of a kind Open Day at JKBS gives aspirants real PGDM experience in a day.

JK Business School held its first Open Day on 28th March to help management aspirants get a first hand PGDM experience in a day....   Read More

Dr. Sudhir Sakhuja took over as the Dean of JK Business School

Renowned academic, industry professional and the winner of the Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) awarded by the President of India for excellence in crisis communication...   Read More

Assam boy, Mrinmoy Roy reveals his journey to getting placed with TCI

After completing his graduation in his home state of Assam, Mrinmoy Roy was looking for industry exposure to pursue his management dreams. While doing...   Read More

Shambhavi Singh highlights the role played by JK Business School in grooming her as a professional, which landed her a plum placement.

For engineering graduate Shambhavi Singh, it was the desire to get a specialization to boost her career prospects that drove her to seek the...   Read More

JK Business School sees a successful placement season on the back of initiatives it implemented in order to make its students industry ready.

JK Business School, often rated as the fastest emerging B School in Asia, has lived up to its reputation with a stunning placement record...   Read More

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