International Conference on Performance Analytics


About the Conference

International Conference on Performance Analysis-2018 which will be held at JK Business School, Gurugram, India from 11-12th May, 2018.

This conference aims at sharing the knowledge and experience in the diverse field of management.  This conference will provide an opportunity for direct interaction amongst regional, national and international level researchers. The interaction will lead to generate curiosity and stimulus for regional, national researchers so as to get exposure and confidence in handling the problems of global relevance.

Direct interaction with International/National level researchers will provide a platform for exploring the possibilities of undertaking joint research projects, which have relevance to regional/national needs and problems.

Objectives: The conference is being organised in view of the following broad objectives-

  • To bring together the eminent scientist, professors, researchers, scholars students within the country on the theme.
  • To offer platform for academic researchers, scientist, scholars and various faculties from well acclaimed institution and organization.
  • To create awareness among young student and future leaders of the country.


Performance analysis is a discipline involving systematic observation to augment performance and improve decision making, mostly delivered through the provision of data/video analysis. Performance analysis and assessment provides constructional structure for professional advancement. Analytics is important in every field of the management. Marketing Analytics is practice of computing, managing and analysing marketing performance to maximize its efficiency and augment return on investment (ROI). Analytics in Finance helps in evaluating businesses, projects, budgets and other financial related entities to determine the performance and stability to the organization. Operational analytics is a monitoring system for gathering, processing, analysing and interpreting data from various operation sources to guide decisions and predicts potential issues. Analysis in the field of Human Resource Management of an organization is executed in the expectation of cultivating employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment for the organization.


Why to apply?

  • Sharing of Analytical Knowledge
  • Interaction with academic/professionals
  • Taking forward the analytics in Management programme
  • Workshops by resource person in the field of analytics
  • Conference proceedings with ISSN Number
  • Top 8 paper accepted will be published as special issue
  • Top 6 papers Awards and Certification for all registered participants

Who will be benefitted?

  • Management students
  • Research Scholars
  • Faculty members

Author Guidelines

We take pleasure to introduce JK Business School, Gurugram, one amongst the Best Management Institutions in India, imparting value based quality management education. JKBS is ranked amongst Top 50 Business Schools in India (Business World 2017) and awarded “Asia’s Top Industry Anchored Business School” by ASSOCHAM 2016.

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Case Study Guidelines

Importance of Analytics Conference

Attending this International Conference on performance analytics will help in sharpening your skill, networking, learning in new space, meeting experts from different sector and learning new business techniques.

You are requested to submit your ideas as a form of original article, theoretical, empirical, review and conceptual papers, Meta-analysis papers and qualitative works on Performance Analytics in various management domains. The submission must follow all the author guidelines, ethical guideline and attached with all the supporting documents in PDF format.

After acceptance of the paper it would be considered for “JK International Journal of Management and Social Science”. The Editor of the journal has complete authority in publishing online based on the comments of the reviewers

  • How to prepare the article?
  • How to write a Cover/Title Page?
  • What is Sponsor Letter?
  • How to write an Abstract?
  • What are the rules for Copyrights?
  • What are the ethical guidelines?
  • What are the steps for Plagiarism?
  • What are the Review Process for the paper?
  • What will be the format of case study?
  • How to writeheading for case study?
  • How to construct architecture of the case?
  • How to construct a teaching note structure?
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Participants National International
EarlyBird Regular EarlyBird Regular
Faculties Rs 3000 Rs 4000 70 USD 100 USD
Scholars Rs 1000 Rs 2000 50 USD 100 USD
Students Rs 1000 Rs 2000 50 USD 100 USD

Important Dates:

Submissions Dates
Abstract 20th February 2018
Journal Acceptance 15th March 2018
Registration 5th April 2018
Final Paper 20th April 2018
Conference Day 11th and 12th May 2018

Author Details:

Abstract Submission- (Word Limit- 300) (PDF Format) (See other guidelines for the abstract).


(Note- Registration is with respect to acceptance of the paper)

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