Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

JKBS undertakes regular Seminars, Workshops and Trainings either independently or in association with major management associations or corporate, like AIMA, DMA etc. The focus is primarily on developing the skills of the students through various activities which ultimately help them in climbing the corporate ladder with conviction.


The mission of JK Business School is to be globally recognized as source of knowledge, creativity and expertise in business management. JK Business School aims to provide high quality innovative edge, research opportunities to academicians, professionals and students on all aspects of management. Necessary encouragement to students is our vision to guide them in research and publications. The success story of JKBS has to be the talk in academic centre.

JKBS has strong research program and has come up with major studies like Efficiency of capital, US credit bubble, Complexity of derivatives, An agenda from Corporate Farming, Inflation-The Managerial Perspective, Beyond Rural Marketing, Indian MNC's and FDI -the color of money doesn't matter. Its research publications have been subscribed by many major national and international universities and organizations.

Management Training and Development

JK Business School (JKBS) has a full fledged department for 'Management Training & Development'. It undertakes regular EDP (Executive Development Programmes), Faculty Development Programmes for working executives, either independently or in association with major management associations or corporate. The institute has special arrangements to design and organise SDPs/MDPs for MSMEs in different areas especially for improving their services.

Personality Development Programme (PDP)

JKBS firmly believes in the overall and holistic development of its students which is essential for them to be successful managers in future. To achieve this goal, JKBS has implemented an extensive & exhaustive "Personality Development Programme (PDP)" for all the undergraduate students with the following objectives:

  • To enable the students to develop their "Self confidence" and hone their "Presentation and communication skills" especially skills in English language
  • To make them aware of and ensure the application of the "Dos and Don'ts of a group discussion."
  • To train them on "The Art of Facing interviews"
  • To help them learn "To set targets and achieve their goals"
  • To improve their "Body language".
  • To focus on developing the skills needed for "Effective time management, handling criticism."

Further, special classes in "Communicative English" are held for those students who wish to improve their English language writing, reading & speaking skills. The programe is divided into number of modules encompassing various set of skills namely communicative English, Team Building Skills, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills, Interview Skills, Body Language etc.

"Personality Development Programme (PDP)" runs concurrently throughout the academic year and over all the two years of the Post Graduate programme.

Expected learning outcomes of "Personality Development Programme" are:

  • A confident individual with a mind of his own, having positive attitude
  • Able to learn the art of communicating effectively with proper intonation and voice modulation
  • Capable of making good presentations
  • Able to set goals and achieve them
  • Better at group discussions and CV writing
  • Capable of facing interviews confidently