SOS (Seed of Success)

The Seed of Success is a special programme that is designed to bring out the passion in you, guides you to perform to your fullest potential and make payoffs with your learning’s.

The Seed of Success known as "Ashwath Vriksha" in Sanskrit, it is alternatively also called the "Kalpavriskha" or the "self fulfilling divine tree".

The Seed of Success programme has been developed to help you anchor in life and work, to assist you in spreading your wings over large areas of expertise, to hone your skills, hoist your own life and starting off your career in the most vibrant colours and also to teach you the benefits of interdependence. The programme consists of four parts as elucidated below.

Wilderness Experience: It is a 3 day outdoor management exercise which includes living in camps, in the lap of nature, and focuses on bringing alive the various management concepts like Leadership, Team Development & Building, Risk Management, Planning & Strategizing, Decision Making, Creativity, Interpersonal Relationships, Stress Management, Change Management and Effective Communication.

Stand Up & Talk: This part of The Seed of Success programme helps you take away your fears of public speaking.

Group Discussion: This assists you in experiencing and mastering how and what to do in a GD. This is facilitated by experienced people with profound corporate experience to give you the edge over others in GDs.

Mock Interview: This session helps students to prepare and perform for interviews. They are taken through real time experiences of interviews through proper drills.