Rajesh K. Singh from Dhanbad talks about the transformation he underwent during his time at JKBS.

It was the dream of a young boy from Dhanbad, Bihar to find a place for himself in the corporate world. To ensure that he achieved his goal, Rajesh Kumar Singh joined JK Business School, an institute he had heard a lot about. Today, as he has bagged a placement with ICICI Securities, Rajesh looks back at the decision, which he believes has changed his life forever.

Rajesh has come to a point in life where he will be working as a Business Development Executive with a company which has one of the biggest brand names in the country. He admits that it’s a big leap forward, considering his modest background. “My family background and history is always present in my values and personality. So I felt very proud to bag this job and convey the news to my parents knowing they would have a big smile on their faces”.

Starting his professional journey as a Management Trainee, Rajesh has set his eyes on bigger goals in the future. He understands that his growth depends upon his ability to effectively perform all the responsibilities of his new position. And, as an individual who is always eager to learn, he lists these responsibilities with a hint of excitement in his voice: “I’d have to improve my organization’s market position to achieve financial growth, identify business opportunities, negotiate and close business deals, maintain extensive knowledge of current market condition, built relationship with clients, etc.”

Clearly, Rajesh is high on confidence at the moment; however, he admits that that wasn’t always the case. He talks about his institute’s contribution in instilling confidence in him and preparing him for the placement with ICICI Securities: “JKBS helped me a lot for my placement preparation by organizing various workshops to enhance skills. I would also like to give credit to the placement cell, which worked tirelessly to help us”.

Throughout his program, Rajesh has accumulated precious memories at the institute that he calls his second home. “JKBS is like family to me”, he says. ”It has an excellent learning environment and the institute harnesses your individuality. Faculty and staff members are very helpful and easily accessible. It creates a brilliant platform for intellectual exchanges and challenging brainstorming, which helps you grow”. As is evident, these memories reach across many aspects of his experience at the institute. This confirms the institute’s focus on developing a well-rounded individual, both in the classroom and outside of it.

And now that Rajesh has gone through the process and bagged himself a plum placement, does he have any advice for the juniors at the institute? “I would like to ask my juniors to take their classes very seriously because you get several learning opportunities. I would also ask them to ramp up their participation in various activities that groom their personality. Finally, if you can become a leader; be one”. Rajesh’s accomplishments are a testament to his character, and to the opportunities afforded him by his institute. Considering that he has gone from an individual with dreams of a career, to an individual who has achieved those dreams, this is advice that should not be ignored.