Priyanka, JKBS alum, counts winning the Gold Medal as her big achievement; she remains excited about the career path her institute has set her on.

JK Business School

“JKBS is a huge brand, so when I go out into the corporate world and introduce myself I simply need to mention where I got my PGDM from. The brand speaks for itself,” says a prideful Ms. Priyanka, alum from Batch 2014. Of course, she has another reason to be proud: since she bagged the Gold Medal for her batch, she was able to return to her institute for the ceremony. Here, she looks back at her journey from a new management student to a confident professional.

Today, Priyanka works as with Innovation Limited as an assistant manager, HR, and is gung-ho about the progress of her career. But, she admits that her success was already set during her days at the institute: “I am grateful to my faculty members who were always there for me whenever I needed them. They were very knowledgeable and experienced. There are many MDI and IIM faculty members today, which means things are even better for the batches to come.”

She is still in touch with some of the faculty members today and continually counts on their support. In fact, Priyanka stresses that her learning at the institute is extremely valuable to her in the professional sphere today. “What you learn at the institute has a strong real-world impact. I think that’s because JKBS has geared its training with an eye on the trends in the industry. We are also offered varied industry exposure that helps us in the long run,” she adds.

According to Priyanka there have been several high points of her academic stint at the institute, but she counts winning the prestigious Gold Medal as the best of them all. She doesn’t hesitate to recommend learning at the institute as the way forward for future managers. “I would recommend it firstly because of the faculty members, who are experienced and friendly. The infrastructure of the institute is a huge advantage as well,” she states.

Priyanka remains excited about her professional journey and what the future holds for her juniors at the institute as well. She wants them to immerse themselves in the initiatives taken on by JKBS and make the most of platform it creates for them. Her final words of advice to her juniors reflect her growth and knowledge as a professional: “But above all you need to believe in yourself and keep up with the hard work. It’s only your efforts that will help you achieve success in your professional life.”

Farooque feels that the internship will be a test of his personality; but, he is confident of making an impact after being trained for it at the institute. “Each day at JKBS seems to have been geared up towards offering us the know-how for practical, on the job training,” he says, highlighting the education he has received thus far. “Several of the faculty members have industry experience and that helps to a great extent. Overall, I think this experience makes us, students, corporate ready.” Farooque is confident in many ways: confident in the education provided by JKBS, in his own abilities, and in his future as a professional.