Course Curriculum

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) : Course Curriculum

I Trimester
Subject Code Subject Title  
101 Management Perspective  
102 Managerial Economics  
103 Financial Accounting for Managers  
104 Organizational Behavior  
105 Business Communication  
106 Statistics for Managers  
OP-101 IT for managers (Lab Sessions) (Non Credit)  
OP-102 Personality Development –I     (Non Credit)  
II Trimester
Subject Code Subject Title  
201 Economic Environment and Policies  
202 Business Research Methods  
203 Marketing Management -I  
204 Financial Management-I  
205 Human Resource Management  
206 Production and Operation Management  
207 Quantitative Techniques  
208 End Term Project  
OP-201 Personality Development –II   (Non Credit)  
III Trimester
Subject Code Subject Title  
301 Marketing Management-II  
302 Management Information System  
303 Cost and Management Accounting  
304 International Business  
305 Legal Aspects of Business  
306 Financial Management-II  
307 Term End Project  
OP-301 Personality Development –III   (Non Credit)  
STP Presentation and Evaluation  of Summer Training Project Report  
IV Trimester
Subject Code Subject Title  
401 Strategic Management-I  
402 Corporate Governance, CSR and Business Ethics  
OP-401 Personality Development –IV   (Non Credit)  
Finance Subject Title  
1001 Indian Financial Institutions & Markets  
1002 Investment Management    
1003 Financial Risk Management  
Marketing Subject Title  
2001 Marketing of Services  
2002 Sales and Distribution Management  
2003 Consumer Behavior  
IB Subject Title  
3001 Export-Import Procedure and Documentations  
3002 Management of Transnational Corporation  
3003 International Business Regulatory & Institutional Framework  
HR Subject Title  
4001 Team Building and Conflict Resolution  
4002 Managing Industrial Relations  
4003 Human Resources Planning and Talent Management  
Logistics & SCM Subject Title  
5001 Materials Management  
5002 Inventory Management  
5003 Advance Logistic and Supply Chain Management  
V Trimester
Subject Code Subject Title  
501 Strategic Management-II  
OP-501 Personality Development –V   (Non Credit)  
Finance Subject Title  
1004 International Finance  
1005 Corporate Tax Planning  
1006 Strategic Corporate Finance  
Marketing Subject Title  
2004 Retail Management  
2005 Product and Brand Management  
2006 Integrated Marketing Communication  
IB Subject Title  
3004 Foreign Exchange Management  
3005 Trade Blocs and International Economy  
3006 International Business Negotiations  
HR Subject Title  
4004 Labour Laws  
4005 Performance and Compensation Management  
4006  Management of Training & Development  
Logistics & SCM Subject Title  
5004 Lean Supply Chain Management  
5005 Legal Aspects of SCM and Contract Administration  
5006 International Supply Chain & Logistics Management  
VI Trimester
Subject Code Subject Title  
601 Final Research Project (Dissertation)  
Finance Subject Title  
1007 Mutual fund and Insurance Management  
Marketing Subject Title  
2007 Rural Marketing  
IB Subject Title  
3007 Managing Cross-Cultural Diversity  
HR Subject Title  
4007 Organizational Change & Development  
Logistics & SCM Subject Title  
5007 Demand & Business Forecasting  


Optional Courses (Any two during second Year) Workshops during the program:
International Marketing
Logistics and Supply chain Management
New venture Planning
Project Management
International Economics
Business Environment


Workshops Courses Workshops during the program:
1- Advance techniques in research methods in management
2- Indian Ethos in Management
3- Managerial communication
4- Project financing
5- Media planning
6- International accounting standards
7- Behavior analysis
8- Global Leadership
9- Competency management