CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has partnered with JK Business School in a program that will give student the opportunity to work with industries to identify strategic CSR opportunities. Students group of size 5-6 each shall be identified who will spend about 4-5 days with an industry where they will understand the business on their system and processes, supply-chain, HR practices etc. while getting tours of their facilities and conducting interviews with Decision makers and Heads of dept. Finally the team will prepare a report of CSR Opportunities and Recommendations based on the observations and data collected from the industry, which will be presented before the company’s management team. CII’s Center of Excellence for Responsive Corporate citizenship will assist businesses in taking these recommendations to the implementation stages.

Industry Institute Initiative

In the changing scenario of globalization and emerging new technologies, relationship between industry and institute have become indispensable. The institute now has come up with a platform/ facility as industry – Institute Partnership Initiative Cell to act as an interface between the industries and the Institute and to take up collaborative activities for mutual benefit. These activities include:

  • Summer Training: Students undergo summer training at the end of 1st year for a period of six-to-eight weeks.
  • Experiential Learning: There are ongoing projects / assignments that students do with multiple industries on an ongoing / part-time basis.
  • Industrial Projects: These projects are undertaken as a compulsory part of final trimester in second year.