JK Business School - Academic Calendar

 Date Day Activity Planned
24-Jun-17 & 25-Jun-17 Saturday - Sunday Hostel Registration
26-Jun-17 Monday बुनियाद - Foundation Program
 (PG)Registration for 2017-19 batch (PG) 
Management Game
27-Jun-17 Tuesday Yoga Session with Prof. Ajay Mehta
28-Jun-17 Wednesday Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises on Ground 
29-Jun-17 Thursday Volleball Practices Session with Prof. Vishnu
30-Jun-17 Friday Dance at Work 
30-Jun-17 Friday GST Rollout (11 pm- 1 am)
01-Jul-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
Visit to Ambience Mall 
03-Jul-17 Monday Industrial Visit- Yakult 
04-Jul-17 Tuesday Yoga Session
05-Jul-17 Wednesday Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises
06-Jul-17 Thursday TT Practice Session + Chess Practice Session
07-Jul-17 Friday Dance at Work
08-Jul-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
Art at Work 
09-Jul-17 Sunday Visit to Transport Museum
10-Jul-17 Monday Commencement of Classes for Trimester-4 (PG -2)
Industrial Visit -Mother Dairy - PG1  
Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises 
11-Jul-17 Tuesday Summer Internship Project Presentation -I(PG - 2016-18)
12-Jul-17 Wednesday Summer Internship Project Presentation -II(PG - 2016-18)
Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises 
13-Jul-17 Thursday Badminton Practice Session + Carrom Practice Session 
15-Jul-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
 Treasure Hunt  
Hostel Night (Ice Cream Party & Birthdays Celebration)
Capstone business Simulation-opening lectures and demonstration-PG2
Last day for Fees Deposit(PG Trimester -4)  
16-Jul-17 Sunday Hostel Registration (2017-19 PG Sec-2 and 2017--19 UG )
17-Jul-17 Monday Be an Entrepreneur for a Day- PG1
Commencement of Classes for semester-1,3 & 5 (UG) Registeration of PG 2017-19 (Section-2) B.Com(Hons.) / BBA, Batch-2017-20
Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises 
18-Jul-17 Tuesday Yoga Session 
Presentation for Being an Entrepreneur for a Day
19-Jul-17 Wednesday Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises
20-Jul-17 Thursday Cricket Practice Session 
21-Jul-17 Friday Dance at Work 
22-Jul-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
24-Jul-17 Monday Live Project-(PG 2017-19) 
Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises 
25-Jul-17 Tuesday Yoga Session 
26-Jul-17 Wednesday Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises 
27-Jul-17 Thursday Football Practice Session
28-Jul-17 Friday Dance at Work 
29-Jul-17 Saturday Month End Party
31-Jul-17 Monday Foundation Program Result Declaration (S-A)
Green Drive
Last day for Fees Deposit UG -Semester-3 & Semester-5
01-Aug-17 Tuesday ORIENTATION DAY 
Yoga Session with Prof. Ajay Mehta 
02-Aug-17 Wednesday  Commencement of Trimester I    (2017-19 Section A)
Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises 
03-Aug-17 Thursday Dodge Ball Practice Session
04-Aug-17 Friday SIP PRESENTATIONS- BBA 2015-17
Dance at Work 
05-Aug-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate  
07-Aug-17 Monday Raksha Bandhan (Off)
08-Aug-17 Tuesday   Yoga Session 
09-Aug-17 Wednesday Finance Club 1 : Quiz
Gym Session - Stretching & Exercises
10 Aug 17 Thursday Movie at Omaxe PG Batchs & UG Batch 2017 -20
Chess & Carromboard Practice Session
11-Aug-17 Friday Dance at Work (6:00 pm - 7:00 pm)
12-Aug-17 Saturday GST Workshop
14-Aug-17 Monday Industrial Visit- (Batch 2017-19, PG -1) 
Last day for Fees Deposit (Trimester -1)
15-Aug-17 Tuesday Independence day & Janmashtami Celebrations & Green Drive
16-Aug-17 Wednesday HR Club 1: Need of An Hour-Debate 
19-Aug-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
19-Aug-17 Saturday Syonara -Farewell Batch 2015-17 & Freshers 2017-19 Batch
20-Aug-17 Sunday Alumni Meet and Convocation ( 2014-16 & 2015-17)
21-Aug-17 Monday Placement Preparatory Programme 
23-Aug-17 Wednesday Communication Club 1: Does God Exist? - Debate
26-Aug-17 Saturday Photosession for Placement Brochure(Batch 2017 - 19)
Guest Speak - (C2C-7) 
30-Aug-2017 Wednesday Marketing Club 1: Bizz Quiz  
02-Sep-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
04-Sep-17 Monday Placement Preparatory Programme 
05-Sep-17 Tuesday Cultural Club 3: Teacher's Day
06-Sep-17 Wednesday IT Club 1: Do you know IT?-Quiz Competition 
09-Sep-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
11-Sep-17 Monday Industrial Visit- (Batch 2017-19, PG -1) 
13-Sep-17 Wednesday Eco Club 1: Demonetization-GD 
16-Sep-17 Saturday Cultural Club 4: Nukkad Natak 
16-Sep-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
18-Sep-17 Monday Launch of Placement Brochure - 2017 
18-Sep-17 Monday Placement Preparatory Programme  
20-Sep-17 Wednesday Environment Club 1 : Best Out of Waste 
23-Sep-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
23-Sep-17 Saturday Month End Party &  Skit
25-Sep-17 Monday Allocation of Guide for FRP
27-Sep-17 Wednesday Stock Mind (Season 6) Seminar - CRC + DMRC activity
30-Sep-17 Saturday Dusshera- OFF  Ravan Dahan 
2-Oct-17 Monday Gandhi Jayanti
Remembrance Day (Shri Govind Hari Singhania )/Bhandara 
4-Oct-17 Wednesday Finance Club 2 : GST-Turncoat 
7-Oct-17 Saturday Cultural Club 5 : Skit Competition
07-Oct-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
09-Oct-17 Monday Industrial Visit- (Batch 2017- 20, UG) 7-Oct-17 
Placement Prepatory Programme 
Identifying Management Dilemma & Defining  Research problem
11-Oct-17 Wednesday HR Club 2 : Employee Life Balance- Role Play 
Saturday Guest Speak 
  Diwali Party 
16-Oct-17 to 21-Oct-17 Monday - Saturday Diwali Break
23-Oct-17 to 28-Oct-17  Monday - Saturday End Term Examination
28-Oct-17 Saturday Halloween Theme Event & Business Strategy (Fear Based) Compilation
30-Oct-17 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
30-Oct-17 to 04-Nov-17  Monday-Friday International Immersion Program
30-Oct-17  Monday Commencement of Trimester -2 & 5
1-Nov-17  Wednesday Communication Club 2 : PINK- Women Empowerment-Debate
04-Nov-17  Saturday Guest Speak 
06-Nov-17  Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
07-Nov-17 Tuesday Literature Review for FRP-Deadline
08-Nov-17 Wednesday Marketing Club 2 : MADvertising 
11-Nov-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
13-Nov-17 Monday Research Questions, Objectives, and Propositions/Hypotheses 
Placement Prepatory Programme 
13-Nov-17 Monday Cultural Club 6 : Inter House Fest "24 Hours" 
14-Nov-17 Tuesday Children's Day  and Prize Distribution for 24 Hours 
15-Nov-17 Wednesday Day Off
Last day for Fees Deposit (Trimester -2&5)
18-Nov-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
20-Nov-17 Monday Trade Fair Visit (UG)
20-Nov-17 Monday Project Management Workshop 
21-Nov-17 Tuesday Project Management Workshop 
22-Nov-17 Wednesday Research Proposal for FRP-Deadline
22-Nov-17 Wednesday IT Club 2 : Counter Strike 
24-Nov-17 Friday HR conclave  
25-Nov-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
25-Nov-17 Saturday Synopsis Presentation- (2016-18 Batch) /Month End Party 
26-Nov-17 Sunday Synopsis Presentation- (2016-18 Batch)
27-Nov-17 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
01-Dec-17 Friday World AIDS Day (Blood Donation Camp) 
Choosing the research design, Sampling Design and Instrument Design fro FRP-Deadline
02-Dec-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
02-Dec-17 to 08-Dec-17 Saturday to Friday  Placement Week (Batch 15-17)
03-Dec-17 & 04-Dec-17 Sunday and Monday Bulls Eye Camp (PGDM-2017-19)
06-Dec-2017 Wednesday Economics Club 2 : Parliament House-Role Play 
09-Dec-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate 
11-Dec-17 Monday Industrial Visit- (Batch 2017-19, PG -1) 
Placement Prepatory Programme 
13-Dec-17 Wednesday Environment Club 2 : Cleanliness Drive
15-Dec-17 Friday Pilot Testing and refining the instrument-Deadline
16-Dec-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
Comprehensive Viva VOCE
17-Dec-17 Sunday Comprehensive Viva VOCE
20-Dec-17 Wednesday Digital Media Club 2 : Blog Writing Competition 
23-Dec-17 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
25-Dec-17 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
26-Dec-17 Wednesday Sports Club 1 : Its all About Cricket 
30-Dec-17 Saturday Guest Speak 
Welcome 2017 Party!!!
31-Dec-17 Sunday Last Date for fee deposit UG-Semester 2, 4 & 6
3-Jan-18 Wednesday Finance Club 3 : Business Plan 
4-Jan-18 Thursday Balance Scorecard Workshop 
6-Jan-18 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
8-Jan-18 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
10-Jan-18 Wednesday Hr Club 3 : Skit Competition-Theme Stress Managment 
13-Jan-18 Saturday Guest Speak 
13-Jan-18 Saturday Cultural Club 8 : Bhangra Competition(Lohri Celebration)
15-Jan-18 Monday Final data collection for FRP-Deadline- (2016-18 Batch)
16-Jan-18 Tuesday Pre-analysis Presentation- (2016-18 Batch)
17-Jan-18 Wednesday Communication Club 3 : Spell Bee Competition 
20-Jan-18 Saturday Industrial Visit- (Batch 2017-20, UG -1) 
22-Jan-18 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
24-Jan-18 to 31-Jan-18 Wednesday - Wednesday End Term (Trimester- 2 & 5)
1-Feb-18 Thursday Trimester 3  Begins
2-Feb-18 Friday Analysis(Data Collection) for FRP-deadline
3-Feb-18 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate 
5-Feb-18 Monday Interpretation and Discussions of results for FRP-deadline
Bulls Eye Camp (UG-2017-20)
7-Feb-18 Wednesday Marketing Club 3 : Consumer is a King - Role Play
10-Feb-18 Saturday Guest Speak ||Cultural Club 9 : Nukkad Natak 
10-Feb-18 to 14 Feb -18 Saturday to Wednesday SIP Campus Interviews
12-Feb-18 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
14-Feb-18 Wednesday IT Club 3 : All About Internet / Selfie Compitition
11-Feb-18 Sunday International Women's Day
12-Feb-18 Monday Managerial Implications for FRP-Deadline
17-Feb-18 Saturday Guest Speak 
17-Feb-18 Saturday Conclusion (FRP)
21-Feb-18 Wednesday Eco Club 3 : Panchayati Raj System-Debate 
24-Feb-18 Saturday FRP Submission (Last Date)
24-Feb-18 Saturday Industry Interface - Campus to Corporate
24-Feb-18 Saturday Guest Speak Month End Party ( Inter House Singing Competition)
26-Feb-18 Moday Holi Celebration & Photography Competition 
Placement Prepatory Programme 
28-Feb-18 to 02-Mar-18 Wednesday- Friday Holi Break
3-Mar-18 Saturday Industry Interface -Campus to Corporate||FRP Presentation 
4-Mar -18 Sunday FRP Presentation 
7-Mar -18 Wednesday Environment Club 3 : Animal are like us-Debate
10-Mar -18 Saturday Guest Speak
12-Mar -18 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
15-Mar-18 Thursday Last day for Fees Deposit (Trimester -3&6)
17-Mar-18 Saturday JKBrations 
21-Mar-18 Wednesday Finance Club 4: Taxation Mechanism-Panel Discussion
24-Mar-18 Saturday JKBrations Review Meeting
26-Mar-18 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
28-Mar-18 Wednesday HR Club 4 : Hire or Fire - Two Face of same coin- Panel Discussion
31-Mar-18 Saturday Guest Speak
4-Apr-18 Wednesday Eco Club 4 : BIG BUDGET-Debate
9-Apr-18 Monday Placement Prepatory Programme 
11-Apr-18 Wednesday IT Club 4 : Hacking -Debate
18-Apr-18 Wednesday Marketing Club 4 : Salesman of the Year-Competition
21-April-18 to 28-April-18 Saturday - Saturday End Term (2017-19 Batch)
28-Apr-18 Saturday Desi Girls v/s Desi Boys 
2-May-18 Wednesday Summer Internship Project Starts for Batch 2017- 19
28-Jul-18 Saturday Sayonara'- 2016-18 
28-Jul-18 Saturday Alumni Meet & दीक्षांत (Convocation) 
Note: The FRP (Final Research Project ) is for the PGDM Batch 2016-18 Only
    Colour Coding
    SA-Student Activity
    C2C-Campus to Corporate
    FRP-Final Research Process
    HA-Hostel Activities
    PPP- Placement Preparatory Program