Monika Sharma talks about her journey from a small town in Assam to California and her placement.

JK Business School

Monika Sharma, student of PGDM Batch 2016 has bagged a lucrative placement with an annual package of Rs. 5.4 lakhs as Associate CRM with Home First Finance Corporation India Pvt Ltd; that’s just one half of the story. The first half of her story began in a small town Makum in Assam, her schooling in Hindi medium, pursuing arts because it was the cheapest stream to go to, before doing her BBA from Guwahati. What followed was her stint with JK Business School and her grooming into a complete professional.

Her background makes her placement success all the more commendable. Monika admits that she had to make decisions about her education in the past based on monetary constraints. All the same, she doesn’t have any regrets because JKBS has evened out the playing field for her. She goes over the moment when she bagged the placement, “I thought it was going to be my second round of interview with the CEO, so when I went there and they offered me my appointment letter I was really thrilled. It was a fitting finale to my time at JKBS, which has given me such a tremendous learning experience.”

As the Associate CRM of the company Monika will be leading the customer service function at the branch. She will also be responsible for HO/Branch operations and her work will include traveling to places to address customer queries. She feels up to the task because she has been prepared well by JKBS. “The motivational talks we had were truly inspiring. The best thing the institute taught me is to take chances and push limits. I never thought I would have a paper published in an international journal but I have now and the credit goes to Dr. Saba Jafri. In fact, all the faculty members pushed us to reach our true potential,” she says.

The classroom learning, several personality building initiatives and practical training helped Monika get industry ready and ace the all important placement interview. When asked how she managed to impress her recruiters she says, “I think I was genuine throughout the interview. I was always confident and tried not to show my limitations to the interviewer because they can be worked on later. I didn’t do my SIP but I had got a scholarship for the exchange program at California State University, Monterey Bay. It was an immersive experience that taught me a lot about the world and that must have appealed to my employers.”

The program in California was one of the many beautiful memories during the two-year stint at JKBS for Monika. She also reminisces about the events parties, campus bonding, fun trips, hanging out with friends and other celebrations as memories that she will hold on to for long. As she prepares for her journey as a professional she offers her juniors useful advice. “JKBS has brilliant facilities and a great faculty team, you should not lose any opportunity to learn; be it in classroom or through industry visits. Presentations might seem tough but they are going to take you a long way towards your placement and future career.”